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With a near perfect match to the refractive index of water, the Sufix fluorocarbon fishing line is virtually invisible when fished. Impervious to ultraviolet rays that can lead to damage, each fluorocarbon fishing line offers incredible shock absorption and high tensile/knot strength. Our fluorocarbon fishing line casts smooth and far, like mono, and sinks four times faster than traditional nylon lines, getting your presentation to the strike zone faster.

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    Starting at $31.49
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    Starting at $12.49
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    Starting at $14.49

Sufix fluorocarbon fishing line is super strong and abrasion resistant, with incredible sensitivity. It has a low-stretch index for optimal hook setting power. The precision, stacked winding plus large arbor spool that our exclusive G2 Wining Process employs virtually eliminate line memory. Sufix fluorocarbon offerings include: Castable Invisiline 100% Fluorocarbon, 100% Fluorcarbon Invisiline Leaders, Invisiline Ice Fluorcarbon (water repellant), and Wind-On 100% Fluorocarbon Leader (with braided loop for attaching to main line without knots or swivels).