X-Rap Saltwater Series

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X-Rap Saltwater Series

7 Items

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These lures changed the way anglers fish. Rapala’s X-Rap® Saltwater series lures are extremely versitile and effective. Built and colored specifically for salt water use, these lures will withstand a plethora of even the most agressive salt water beasts. Expert design and exclusive X-Rap technology give the angler complete control and allow the swimming action to be changed by simply changing the speed of the retrieve. With multiple lure designs and long casting design X-Rap Saltwater lures can be fished shallow or deep with a variety of different techniques.

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Whether it's Rapala's classic rolling action, an aggressive Slashbait® action, or something in-between, X-Rap Saltwater lures won't let you down. With unlimited fishing possibilites, these lures are a clear hardbait choice for an irresistable bite all season long. These slab-catching machines feature premium VMC hooks so the fish stay on through the toughest of battles. Once you feel the true power of an X-Rap lure on your line, you'll be hooked for the rest of the season.