WildEye Live Series - Saltwater

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WildEye Live Series - Saltwater

8 Items

Storm’s WildEye Live series is the most realistic series of baits available. Super realistic color patterns and body shapes are combined with 3D holographic eyes, holographic swimmin’ flash foil and soft yet tough outer bodies. Internally weighted bodies impart a true-to-life swimming action. The end result is a bait so life-like that fish don’t hesitate to gobble it down whole.

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The WildEye Live saltwater series includes a vast selection of saltwater bait including anchovy, shrimp, mackerel, mullet, sand eel, herring, sardine and p’nut bunker. Wherever you are and whatever you’re targeting, there’s a WildEye Live lure to fit the bill. Each lure features an internally weighted body for ideal swimming action and VMC needle point hooks for fast, sure hooksets. These babies are so realistic, they’ll fool even the most finicky fish. A must-have for any saltwater angler’s arsenal.