Pro Bass - Summer

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Pro Bass - Summer

26 Items

Think summer bass fishing is difficult? Guess again. Fishing pros made a list of their favorite products to get big bass on the line in the heat of summer. You can rest easy knowing that any of these picks will have you reeling in bass day in and day out. Find a new favorite or stock up on your secret weapon, these products won't leave you with an empty stringer.

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Every bass angler has this specific summer bass fishing memory: a hazy summer morning, floating on mirror-smooth water with nothing but the sound of the lure plunking into the water. Suddenly, you feel the weight on the line, you set the hook and feel your heart race and sweat drip as you reel in your first lunker of the day. Summer can be a tough time to bass fish, but nothing beats catching bass with just a t-shirt, a rod and a little sweat on your brow.