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Built to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing, Williamson Jigs match premium components with leading edge design. Real deer hair bucktail, premium foil finishes, super sharp VMC hooks, Special Super Fluoro Lumo paint—these are just some of the enhancements that make Williamson saltwater jigs rise above the rest.

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    Starting at $17.99
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    Starting at $14.99

Vertical jigging, also known as high speed jigging, is the hottest technique in saltwater fishing today, and Williamson’s metal jigs meet the challenge. All are fast-diving, and the Abyss and Benthos jigs feature “Steel core” inner reinforcing to stay true even after the most ferocious attacks. VMC assist hooks help ensure fewer missed strikes. Our Gomame and Gomoku jigs feature an erratic, wounded baitfish action and high quality foil finishes for second to none fish attraction. If the classics are more your speed, Williamson’s bucktail saltwater jigs are a must.