TF Tungsten Flip'n Weight


TF Tungsten Flip'n Weight
TF Tungsten Flip'n Weight


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Extreme hardness provides better feel for structure and light bites. 35% smaller profile for fewer snags and better cover penetration, totally lead-free, easy to peg, and insert free. All VMC® tungsten weights feature a ultra-tough color coating.

  • 35% Smaller Profile for Fewer Snags and Better Cover Penetration
  • Extreme Hardness Provides Better Feel for Structure and Light Bites
  • Lead Free
  • Easy to Peg - Insert Free Design
  • Ultra Tough Color Coating
  • Lead Free Weight
Spec Chart
Model Weight Pak
TF38 3/8 oz. 3
TF12 1/2 oz. 2
TF34 3/4 oz. 1
TF1 1 oz. 1
TF112 1-1/2 oz. 1
Model TF38
Weight 3/8 oz.
Pak 3
Model TF12
Weight 1/2 oz.
Pak 2
Model TF34
Weight 3/4 oz.
Pak 1
Model TF1
Weight 1 oz.
Pak 1
Model TF112
Weight 1-1/2 oz.
Pak 1