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VMC offers a versatile collection of classic and updated fishing jigs for modern anglers. Perfectly balanced for flawless presentation, these fishing jigs feature enhancements like 3D holographic eyes, UV and glow finishes as well as a wide choice in classic color patterns all featuring Super sharp VMC hooks for the fast hooksets.

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VMC fishing jigs are loaded with innovative features that make them stand out from other competitors. Lets start with the hooks—super sharp, made of premium materials and backed by 100 years of hook making experience. Then add in smart details like keeper barbs to hold plastics in place, weedguards, wide gaps to accommodate a wider variety of baits and offset hooks to improve hook up ratios. Throw in an immense variety to choose from, and you’ve hit the fishing jig jackpot. From classics like the Marabou Jig to new innovations like the Stand-Up Shaky Head Jig, with VMC you’re guaranteed to put more fish in the boat.