8386 Tournament Circle Hook 3X


8386 Tournament Circle Hook 3X
8386 Tournament Circle Hook 3X


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Offering the strongest wire and the widest gap of any tournament approved circle hook, the VMC® Tournament Circle Hooks are designed to optimize hook rates when live bait trolling for billfish. Made from strong, premium Vanadium® Steel, VMC® Tournament Circle Hooks feature chemically sharpened, sticky-sharp Needle Points. To create an ultra-sharp, strong Needle Point, VMC employs a unique tempering process of compressing the fibers in a conical shape instead of grinding the point. This process ensures that every VMC® Tournament Circle Hook provides effortless penetration and resists pressure applied by braided lines. THE BIGGEST THING IN SALTWATER HOOKS IS ACTUALLY MICRO THIN. Imagine a hook made specifically for saltwater with built-up layers of ultra-thin black finish to withstand the harsh conditions of the saltwater environment. Introducing the COASTAL BLACKā„¢ series from VMC. High corrosion-resistance for the longest-lasting black finish in the saltwater market with ultra-sharp, multi-step chemical sharpened hooks. Such a big advancement, all the fish in the sea will be hooked on it.

  • 3X Strong
  • Non-Offset
  • Forged
  • Vanadium® Steel
  • Cone Cut® Point
Spec Chart
Coastal Black
Hook Size Pro Pack Value Pack
2/0 9 20
3/0 9 20
4/0 7 20
6/0 6 20
8/0 5 15
10/0 4 15
Black Nickel
Hook Size C Pack
2/0 25
3/0 25
4/0 25
6/0 25
8/0 25
10/0 25