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Lures that are universally appealing to game fish the world over, Luhr-Jensen Spoons offer anglers the choice from weighted casting and jigging models, to thin-blade trolling spoons that mimic available baitfish or capture attention with attractor patterns under all conditions. Whether nickel, silver, genuine gold plate or painted, a Luhr-Jensen finish will continue to produce fish after fish after fish, trouble free.

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If you’ll be out casting, Luhr-Jensen has a bevy of fishing spoons to choose from. The Hus-Lure and Cast Champ both have excellent casting performance and work on a variety of species. Tony’s Spoon is the ideal choice for shallow, grassy flats. The Krocodile and Crippled Herring are super versatile, super productive fishing spoons that work great casting or trolling. The Super Duper can also be cast or trolled, and excels at catching trout, Kokanee and panfish. If trolling is your game and versatility is your goal, the Reflecto Spoon is a must. The Coyote, Kokanee King, Needlefish and Jensen Flash Fly are all excellent salmon trolling spoons. For reefs, saltwater structure or peacock bass, opt for the Pet Spoon.