HSG Hot Skirt Glow Jig


HSG Hot Skirt Glow Jig
HSG Hot Skirt Glow Jig


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Spec Chart
Model Weight Hook Size Pak
HSG132 1/32 oz. 6 2
HSG116 1/16 oz. 4 2
HSG18 1/8 oz. 1/0 2
HSG14 1/4 oz. 2/0 2
HSG38 3/8 oz. 2/0 2
Model HSG132
Weight 1/32 oz.
Hook Size 6
Pak 2
Model HSG116
Weight 1/16 oz.
Hook Size 4
Pak 2
Model HSG18
Weight 1/8 oz.
Hook Size 1/0
Pak 2
Model HSG14
Weight 1/4 oz.
Hook Size 2/0
Pak 2
Model HSG38
Weight 3/8 oz.
Hook Size 2/0
Pak 2
Product Details

This VMC® exclusive jig head features unique to the market "glow-in-the-dark skirts" and flashabou fibers. This unique combination really grabs the attention of hungry fish. It features a VMC® premium high-carbon steel hook to seal the deal at the strike. Add live bait or plastic trailers for additional temptation. This great walleye jig now comes in crappie sizes!

  • HOOK - Premium Hi Carbon Steel
  • JIG - Glow in the Dark Skirt & Flashabou Fibers Reflect Light for Added Attraction