BTS Boot Tail Spinnerbait


BTS Boot Tail Spinnerbait
BTS Boot Tail Spinnerbait


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Additional Information

Spec Chart
Model Number Weight Hook Size Pak
BTS18 1/8 oz. 2 1
BTS116 1/16 oz. 4 1
Model Number BTS18
Weight 1/8 oz.
Hook Size 2
Pak 1
Model Number BTS116
Weight 1/16 oz.
Hook Size 4
Pak 1
Product Details

The Boot Tail Spinnerbait has a light and subtle vibrating tail action that will trigger the bite!

  • Weedless Flash and Vibration.
  • HOOK:
    • Power Gap.
    • 5% Wider Gap than Traditional Jig Hooks.
  • JIG:
    • Pre-Rigged TriggerX® Boot Tail Body.
    • Long Micro-Thin Tail Swims with a Light and Subtle Vibration.