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Spinners trigger the instinctual response of predators to take advantage of an easy meal. The broad selection of Luhr-Jensen spinner designs deliver this response from fish throughout all water types, fishing techniques, and fish species. Premium materials and components provide a quality base for each and every design. When that fish of a lifetime strikes, you'll be properly prepared.

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The Hydro Vibe Extreme spinnerbait’s vented blade requires less pulling speed for blade rotation. An excellent slow speed trolling spinner. The Hydro Vibe Hoochie features an acrylic bullet head, tinsel and vinyl combo skirt. The Coho Bolo is a trolling and casting spinnerbait with a squid body that Coho Salmon chase down with reckless abandon. The Bang Tail features a swivel to eliminate line twist and instant spin blades. Can be fished upstream as well as crosscurrent and downstream in rivers. The Tee Spoon is a salmon trolling spinner that is unique in its ability to fish well under a wide range of troll speeds. The Shyster is truly a no line-twist spinnerbait. Balanced to fish well in still water and streams alike. The Rogue Bait Rig is a tandem hook anchovy actionizer; Eric’s Prawn Rig is a 2-hook prawn actionizer./p>