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Titanium braided leaders make the toughest leaders on the market. Incredible resistance to kinking and coiling, each is pre-rigged with premium Stringease Stay-Lok snaps, ball-bearing swivels, stainless steel crimps and welded rings.

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Our Single Strand Titanium Leader Wire is made of nickel Titanium that stretches like monofilament and is more cut-proof, kink-proof and longer lasting than ordinary stainless steel wire. Features a corrosion-proof, low visibility non reflective smoke black finish. 7-Strand Titanium Lightweight Leaders and Multi-Strand Titanium Leaders are highly kink and coil resistant and ultra durable. The 7-Strand leader is available in 15 lb. and 30 lb. sizes. The Multi-Strand leader is available in 50 lb, 75 lb. and 100 lb. sizes.