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Wart Series

Chances are, if you’ve been fishing for any time at all, you know the legend of the Storm Wiggle Wart and its fish catching prowess. The short version of the story is that the Wiggle Wart will catch any fish, any way, anywhere. If you don’t have a few of these on hand, you’re leaving a lot of fish in the water.

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The Wart Series of lures all feature the classic Wart side-to-side, searching action, loud rattle and premium VMC hooks. The Original Wiggle Wart features the original molds, components, patterns and colors (nearly 40!). The Original Mag Wart is slightly larger, with a high buoyancy for backing out of cover on the pause. The Deep Rattlin’ Flat Wart’s flat sides create a hard flash and tight vibration, while its extreme buoyancy make it ideal for submerged trees and rock piles. The Wiggle Wart MadFlash boasts 3D holographic eyes and an external scale pattern with UV Bright and traditional color finishes for a super realistic presentation.