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CountDown Lures

The legendary Rapala Countdown® lure was introduced back in the 60s and is still included among the favorites of professional and casual anglers alike. The gravity defying body of the Countdown sinks, at a foot per second, to your desired depth allowing you to repeatedly reach and retrieve without rising out of the strike zone. With this lure, you can find fish quickly and consistently throughout the water column, whether they’re at the weed tops or holding bottom.

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In addition to the classic Countdown, the series includes the Scatter Rap Countdown, with the patented Scatter Lip design for an evasive, erratic action that mimics baitfish on the run; and the X-Rap Countdown, X-Rap style construction with a strong rolling action on the retrieve and flutter on the pause. For saltwater and larger fish, there’s also the Countdown Magnum. With the Rapala Countdown series, catching fish is as easy as 1-2-3.