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Vivid Color
Vivid Color
The Big Pictures - Digital Series
The Big Pictures - Digital Series
Enhanced LX-5i, LX-3tci, VX-1i
Enhanced LX-5i, LX-3tci, VX-1i
New Wireless Remote Camera Panner
New Wireless Remote Camera Panner

Marcum’s New PanCam Camera System

Take Complete Control Of Your Underwater Camera….Remotely

Take Control Now

Prepare your MarCum for this Ice Season

When the sky starts going scarlet before supper, that’s your sign to reach for your red MarCum soft-pack and pull your sonar out of storage.

Prepare Your MarCum

Upgrade Your Digital MarCum Flasher For Free

Most flashers just get older with time. MarCum digital sonars get better. That’s because MarCum releases free firmware upgrades that make your digital sonar unit even better at finding fish than on the day you bought it.

Upgrade Now