Metal Jigs

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Metal Jigs

7 Items

The hottest technique in saltwater fishing today, Williamson metal jigs meet the challenge. Whether fishing slow with a “lift and flutter” or “dead sticking” in current, the balance, shape and action of each jig is perfection.

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    Starting at $17.99
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    Starting at $14.99
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    Starting at $7.49

Williamson’s Herring Jig is a fast-diving jig with a flat and slightly curved profile that creates a wide, fluttering action on the drop. A versatile jig that’s easy to fish. The Vortex Speed Jig boasts an innovative hydrodynamic design with opposing concave and convex sides that allow the jig to rotate effortlessly on the fall. Each side has a separate finish for a unique visual effect and attractive flash. The Abyss Speed Jig’s unique and exclusive design enables it to drop faster into the strike zone and has a very low retrieve drag co-efficient for a less tiring day. The diamond shape of the Benthos Speed Jig gets it down to where the fish are super fast, even in the heaviest drifts. The Gomame and Gomoku jigs feature high quality foil finishes and a pronounced wounded baitfish action. Great for catching all kinds of pelagic fish.