Speed Pro Deep


Speed Pro Deep
Speed Pro Deep


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Constructed for pelagic gamefish. The patent pending "Auto-Tune" free-moving line tie design is self centering, automatically aligning the lure for consistent action at very high trolling speeds, up to 15 knots, with optimum action at 6-10 knots At 15 knots the minnow's smooth swimming action allows the lure to be fished on lighter line, even with a light drag setting.

  • Heavy-Duty Oval Split Rings
  • VMC® Heavy-Duty Perma Steel® Hooks
  • Laser Cut Plate Hook Hangers
Spec Chart
Model Number Running Depth Length (inches/mm) Weight
SP160D 12'-18' / 3.6-5.5m 6.25"/160mm 2 oz./54g
SP180D 15'-20' / 4.5-6m 7"/180mm 2-1/2 oz./74g
Model Number SP160D
Running Depth 12'-18' / 3.6-5.5m
Length (inches/mm) 6.25"/160mm
Weight 2 oz./54g
Model Number SP180D
Running Depth 15'-20' / 4.5-6m
Length (inches/mm) 7"/180mm
Weight 2-1/2 oz./74g