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Traditional popping action with extraordinary results. Versatile design allows you to fish a wide variety of techniques; pop on the top, slash and stall and classic walk the dog. Precisely weighted for maximum casting distance. In-line hook design for optimum swimming action, point exposure and hook set. Constructed for pelagic gamefish.

  • Model PP130: Rugged Stainless Steel through wire construction
  • Model PP160: Rugged Stainless Steel Pin and Swivel Rigging
  • Model PP180: Rugged Stainless Steel Pin and Swivel Rigging
  • Featuring Heavy-Duty In-Line VMC® Hooks (item ILS Inline Single)
Spec Chart
Model Number Running Depth Length (inches/mm) Weight
PP130 Topwater 5.125"/130mm 1.25 oz./35g
PP160 Topwater 6.125"/160mm 2.4 oz./68g
PP180 Topwater 7"/180mm 3.375 oz./95g
Model Number PP130
Running Depth Topwater
Length (inches/mm) 5.125"/130mm
Weight 1.25 oz./35g
Model Number PP160
Running Depth Topwater
Length (inches/mm) 6.125"/160mm
Weight 2.4 oz./68g
Model Number PP180
Running Depth Topwater
Length (inches/mm) 7"/180mm
Weight 3.375 oz./95g