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Jet Popper


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Top water fanatics, get ready for action. The Williamson Jet Popper fishing lure with its large cup face and jet holes will create a loud “POP” and bubble trail that will drive fish crazy. It casts like a bullet, yet it is very stable on the retrieve and easy to work. Superior construction of this popper lure enables you to fight the largest fish around.

  • Built-in heavy-duty swivels eliminate leverage of hooked fish
  • Deep cup face for extra loud “Popping” effect
  • Jet holes create a massive bubble trail
  • Unique design allows greater casting distance and stability on retrieve
  • Flash foil inside emits bright flash
  • Ultra-strong oval split-ring
  • VMC® Fish Fighter hooks, lightest 6X trebles on the market
  • Model JP5 rigged with 200 lb. swivels
  • Model JP7 rigged with 300 lb. swivels
Spec Chart
Model Length (inches/mm) Weight (oz/g) Pak
JP5 5.25"/133mm 2 oz./57g 1
JP7 7"/178mm 4-1/2 oz./120g 1
Model JP5
Length (inches/mm) 5.25"/133mm
Weight (oz/g) 2 oz./57g
Pak 1
Model JP7
Length (inches/mm) 7"/178mm
Weight (oz/g) 4-1/2 oz./120g
Pak 1