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For longer, more accurate casts and unmatched toughness, Sufix Siege monofilament belongs on your reel. A proprietary extrusion process provides superior casting distance with pinpoint accuracy. Exclusive G2 Precision Winding virtually eliminates line memory, so Siege flies off the reel straight as an arrow.

  • Starting at $102.99
    Starting at $102.99

Sufix Siege is smooth, supple and handles beautifully, yet is still exceptionally strong. Testing showed this line to have up to 15 times more abrasion resistance than other lines available today. Siege monofilament allows you to throw your lure exactly where you want it, and then pull it out of dense cover without any fear of breakage. Exceptional knot strength keeps a fighting fish on. 330 yard spools, ranging from 4 to 20 lb. test. 25 and 30 lb. test only available in 250 yards.