Performance Lead Core

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Performance Lead Core

Sufix Performance Lead Core is the standard by which other lead core lines are measured. Its high density lead center sinks the line quickly to get you in front of fish without delay. Wrapped around the core is a high tenacity polyester braid (HTP) that provides superior break strength and abrasion resistance, while also adding density for faster sinking speed.

  • $16.29 - $104.29
    $16.29 - $104.29

Sufix Performance Lead Core consists of a 10 color sequence with 10 yards per color, so you can quickly and easily target specific depths. The smaller line diameter of braid gives you more room on the reel and less drag in the water. Depending on the species of fish being targeted, you can choose from the following pound tests: 12, 15, 18, 27 and 36.