832 Advanced Lead Core

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832 Advanced Lead Core

Introducing the world’s smartest lead core line. Sufix 832® Advanced Lead Core is the very first to combine both Dyneema® and Gore® performance fibers. These two fibers braided around the lead core wire creates the fastest sinking, strongest, most abrasion resistant, roundest, UV protected lead core line on the market. That’s a lot of promises—and we’ve done the testing to verify each one. Try it and see the 832 difference for yourself.

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    $35.49 - $177.49
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Sufix 832 lead core dives 30% deeper than traditional Dacron/polyester lead core lines. That means less line needs to be deployed to get into the strike zone than with traditional lead core. The 832 Advanced Lead Core is also 70% stronger than traditional lead core, with three times the abrasion resistance. Dyneema has infinitely more sensitivity than polyester so you can feel obstructions and bottom much better. The combination of materials also provides greater resistance to UV rays and sunlight. Sufix 832 Advanced Lead Core—always use the best line.