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StrikeMaster Solo 2-Stroke Series Augers (video)

Fish move. And when they do, the ice angler must follow. And that means holes will be drilled. Many holes. To accomplish this formidable task, StrikeMaster® has assembled a stable of solo-powered two-stroke workhorses. From the versatile two point five horsepower Chipper Magnum all the way up to the ice-shredding three horsepower Lazer Pro. For the die-hard ice angler that refuses to wait for the bite to come to them. Sporting a stealthy new look wrapped in a sleek black cowling. The two point five horsepower Chipper Magnum, the two point five horsepower Lazer Mag and the three horsepower Lazer Pro are easily distinguished from the ordinary two-stroke augers.

Considered by many to be the gold standard of ice auger motors. The solo two stroke powerhead produces ice shredding torque and horsepower from a proven design, guaranteed to provide years of reliable service. But all this hole-punching power doesn’t mean you will be lugging around an anchor out there on the ice. After all, when fish move, they don’t bring baggage to slow them down. To help ice anglers stay hot on the trail of their intended quarry, StrikeMaster uses high end materials to keep the weight of their augers significantly lighter than the competition.

The two point five horsepower Lazer Mag and three horsepower Lazer Pro from StrikeMaster weighs in at a scant twenty five pounds when equipped with eight inch laser blades. If you’re in need of a larger hole, opt for ten inch laser blades and you won’t surrender cutting speed. The solo-powered Lazer Mag and Lazer Pro provide enough torque to effortlessly cut ten inch holes through three feet of ice.

Of course it takes more than a high-performance solo engine to make ice fishing’s fastest cutting auger. On the working end of the Lazer Mag you will find two stainless steel laser blades from Bora Ice of Sweden. Ready to rip up the ice. No blades are sharper. No auger cuts faster or with less effort. For the ice angler in need of unparalleled blade durability, StrikeMaster offers the Chipper Magnum. As the ideal solution for anglers that need to reopen old holes in a hard-side ice house or on a body of water where sand or other debris in the ice can quickly dull shaver-style blades. Available with an eight and a quarter or ten and a quarter inch chipper drill. The StrikeMaster’s chipper drill has a pointed cutting tip at the center of the drillhead that makes opening an old hole as effortless as cutting a new one. And StrikeMaster’s chipper blades made from hardened boran steel offer unmatched durability even when subjected to the toughest drilling conditions.

So if you’re a diehard angler searching for a powerful, durable and reliable two-stroke hole punching powerhouse, pick up a solo-powered Chipper Magnum, Lazer Mag or Lazer Pro. You’ll drill more holes in less time with a StrikeMaster. The fastest, lightest, most powerful line of augers on the ice.

StrikeMaster Chipper Magnum

StrikeMaster Lazer Pro