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StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper Auger (video)

Delivering ice-shredding power on demand with the push of a button. The Lithium Chipper from StrikeMaster® represents the convergence of dependable quiet cutting power and unmatched blade durability. Making the Lithium Chipper the perfect ice auger for the angler looking to reopen old holes or make a new one in dirty ice. Powered by an industry-leading fifty volt lithium ion battery back, the Lithium Chipper, available with an eight and a quarter or ten and a quarter inch chipper drill is the ideal solution for anglers that fish in a hard-side icehouse or on a body of water where sand or other debris in the ice can quickly dull shaver-style blades. The Lithium Chipper drill has a pointed cutting tip at the center of the drillhead that makes opening an old hole as effortless as cutting a new one.

And StrikeMaster’s chipper blades, made from hardened boran steel, offer unmatched durability even when subjected to the toughest drilling conditions. While StrikeMaster’s Lithium Chipper can knock out more holes in less time than the competition, that doesn’t mean there’s a weight penalty to be paid for the push-button convenience of an electric ice auger. On the contrary, the Lithium Chipper when equipped with an eight and a quarter inch chipper drill weighs in at a scant twenty four pounds. Which is lighter than comparable two-stroke gas augers.

And the best part. You’ll never have to mix gas and oil or put up with a gas-filled ice house again. But lightweight doesn’t mean light duty. All StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper augers are built to provide years of dependable service. With a three-year warranty on the motor and construction that features the same bullet-proof components found in StrikeMaster’s gas augers, the Lithium Chipper cuts no corners in the quest to deliver years of uncompromising durability. So if you’re ready to become part of the electric auger revolution, don’t settle for anything less than ice fishing’s most durable StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper. The electric ice auger built with power to spare. StrikeMaster. The fastest, lightest, most powerful line of augers on the ice.

StrikeMaster Lithium Chipper