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Customer Service

StrikeMaster Augers What does blade pitch mean (video)

James Holst, Host In-Depth Outdoors.

In this short video I want to talk about a very simple topic: auger pitch and ah what it means to the ice fisherman. The term pitch is thrown around a lot and very often it gets used incorrectly. Pitch is simply the angle that blades are attached to the bottom of the drill assembly. It doesn’t matter if it’s a chipper or a shaver, manufacturers have set that angle very precisely because it gets the most out of those cutting blades. Ah, you change that pitch and you change the attack angle of the blades on the ice and what you see is an auger will go from just a very fast-cutting machine to one that performs very poorly. Despite the fact that the blades look razor-sharp.

So, taking care of that pitch is of paramount importance. When an ice angler gets a new auger one of the first things I suggest you do is take a look at the bolts that hold the blades to the bottom of the drill. Every once in a while, you’ll get, even a brand new drill, and ah those blades won’t be perfectly tight. Make sure they are tightened down. And then, as you use that auger, every month or two throughout the ice fishing season, give those bolts a check. They do work loose. So that’s one of the more common ways that auger pitch can be changed. The other is through angler abuse of their own equipment. Any time you see somebody out there ah using an auger they have to drill the hole and it’s not cutting, it’s not biting right away. And they pick it up, and they slam it down on the ice. Sure you are fixing that short-term problem of having a little ice build-up but what you’re doing is you’re creating a long-term issue. Every time you slam that auger down, you’re making small, micro-adjustments to auger pitch and over time that’s going to dramatically affect the cutting speed and of course the enjoyment that you’re going to have using your auger. So, check those bolts, make sure that you’re using your auger like the precision piece of equipment it is. Don’t use it like a hammer out there on the ice and you’re going to get years of dependable service.