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StrikeMaster Augers Lazer Blades vs Chipper Blades (video)

A common topic of discussion amongst ice anglers is ah what is the perfect auger, chipper style or Lazer. Now in my mind I don’t feel there is one perfect auger that will cover all anglers. Each blade style has its own advantages and disadvantages. The chipper-style blade is far more durable yet it cuts slower where the Lazer-style blade is less durable but it cuts lightning-fast. So, lets talk about that chipper-style auger first.

Ah, the type of angler that’s going to make use of a chipper-style auger, the type of angler that’s going to run into say dirty ice. Ah, anglers that fish out in the Dakotas where high winds blow sand out onto the lakes. Ah, chipper-style blades are just more durable. They’ll put up with that slow dulling that occurs every time that you punch a hole in the ice. So the other scenario where a chipper blade might be the right tool for you is if you fish out of a hard-side ice house. Ah, where the ice house doesn’t move and every time you come back to that house the holes have frozen and you need to reopen them. That’s a scenario where the chipper auger really works well.

So let’s talk about augers equipped with Lazer-style blades.Now that’s the type of auger that I have been using since I first started ice fishing. And the reason I choose that style auger is very simple. Ah, Lazer-style blades are the fastest cutting blades I have ever used, bar none. Now if you’re punching eight holes a day how important is hole cutting speed? Probably not that important. If you add five extra seconds per hole and you’re only cutting eight, that’s less than a minute of extra time from choosing the chipper auger. But the way I fish where I’m constantly out there punching strings of fifty, seventy-five, a hundred holes, consecutively. That extra time really adds up over the course of a day.

But maybe more important than that. When we’re cutting all those holes out there anglers will often choose that Lazer-style blade because it’s a lot easier on your body. You just don’t have the feedback, the torque, the twisting back through the auger handles that you have with all chipper-style blades. Now again, that doesn’t matter if you’re punching six, eight, ten holes. When you’re punching two hundred holes a day that feedback, that fighting that you have to do with chipper-style blades just isn’t there when you’re using an auger with Lazer blades. Now Lazer blades pretty much do all the work for you and that means I’m much more likely to punch a lot of extra holes. And that’s always been a key to my success. So keep these ideas in mind, those small differences between the chipper-style augers and those Lazer-style. Again, there really is no one perfect auger it all comes down to picking the right auger for you.