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Customer Service

StrikeMaster Augers Benefits of Lazer Blades (video)

You know I’ve been using StrikeMaster® power augers now for well over a decade. And, ah, StrikeMaster makes chipper-style blades and Lazer™ blades. I choose Lazer blades for a reason. Ah, they are the fastest-cutting, sharpest blades I have ever used on any auger, bar none. And that’s important to me because of the way I fish. Ah, when I’m out there on the ice I’m not the kind of angler that sits still. So really, my choice in auger is directly related to my style of fishing. I love to get out there and rip up long strings of holes in search of that next hot bite. I don’t sit still. And those Lazer-style blades with their ability to just rip through the ice complements the way I like to fish. I don’t want to sit still. If I’m not catching fish where I’m standing right now, I’m off looking. And that Lazer auger really helps me be successful out there on the ice. I know that if I’m using an auger that drills slow or really beats me up every time I punch a hole. And by that I mean if you watch somebody drill with a Lazer auger you will notice that there is absolutely no torque-back through the handles. The blades are doing all of the work. Other style blades really put a lot of feedback through those handles. It forces an angler on every pull to kind of fight that auger as it drills down through the ice. If I’m going to be punching a hundred or two hundred holes in a day I want an auger that does the work for me. That’s why I choose Lazer from StrikeMaster.