Live Kickin' Shad


Live Kickin' Shad
Live Kickin' Shad


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Spec Chart
Model Number Body Length Weight Hook Size Pack
LKSD03 3" 1/4 oz. 6 1
LKSD04 4" 1/2 oz. 4 1
LKSD05 5" 7/8 oz. 1 1
LKSD06 6" 1-3/8 oz. 1/0 1
Model Number LKSD03
Body Length 3"
Weight 1/4 oz.
Hook Size 6
Pack 1
Model Number LKSD04
Body Length 4"
Weight 1/2 oz.
Hook Size 4
Pack 1
Model Number LKSD05
Body Length 5"
Weight 7/8 oz.
Hook Size 1
Pack 1
Model Number LKSD06
Body Length 6"
Weight 1-3/8 oz.
Hook Size 1/0
Pack 1
Product Details

Swimming Action

Swimming Action

With a variety of sizes and realistic color patterns this lure can target any species. Soft body, lipless segmented kicking tail action, slow sinking and 3-D holographic eye make this lure looks like a real shad. Includes holographic inserts for added attraction, soft PVC material with reinforced mesh for added strength and VMC® black nickel hooks. This is a lure you can be confident will catch fish.

  • Soft body, lipless swim shad
  • Life-like segmented kicking tail action
  • Durable soft body with holographic insert
  • Slow-sinking
  • Soft PVC material with reinforcing mesh
  • 3-D holographic eye
  • Rigged with a black nickel VMC® hook