Arashi® Wake Crank


Arashi® Wake Crank
Arashi® Wake Crank


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Runs just under the surface with a hard rolling action and a pronounced tail kick creating a large wake that draws attention. Fish it slow or fast, this Arashi® keeps waking and running true at any speed.

  • SINGLE BALL RATTLE SYSTEM features a knocking cadence and low frequency pitch that fish can perceive at greater distances and easily track to the source
  • ROTATED HOOK HANGERS nests the hooks close to the body for improved action, preventing hang-ups and allowing larger hooks (Patent Pending)
  • PATENTED SELF-TUNING LINE TIE is a free-moving design that keeps the lure tracking true, ensuring non-stop fishing action
  • CIRCUIT BOARD LIP starts right away at slow speeds and quickly reaches maximum diving depth. Extremely thin with superior strength and durability
Spec Chart
Model Number Running Depth Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
AWC06 Topwater 2-3/8" 9/16 oz. 3 & 4
Model Number AWC06
Running Depth Topwater
Body Length 2-3/8"
Weight 9/16 oz.
Treble Hooks 3 & 4