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X-Rap Series

In the not too distant past, there was a time without X-Raps. No #10. No Slashbait® action. Then it happened. The introduction of the original X-Rap®. And soon afer a family of choes spawned by demand. The same way the Original Floating® had a profound influence on techniques and styling of fishing, the X-Rap revolutionized jerkbaits, and today influence the way anglers catch fish around the world, with success in both fresh and saltwater fisheries.

Rapala’s X-Rap® series lures are the ultimate in versatility. Years of development led to a lure that can be fished any season, anywhere, for any fish. Its unique technology allows the angler to change the swimming action simply by speeding up or slowing down the retrieve. Fish it aggressively for the hard cutting, side-to-side Slashbait® action or slow it down for the classic Rapala roll. The X-Rap is built with a long cast weight transfer system for super-human casts and is loaded with features from tip to tail, including internal holographic foil, 3D holographic eyes, flash foil teaser tails, and premium VMC® black nickel hooks. The X-Rap series also offers a variety of lifelike colors to match any situation or location. Freshwater or saltwater, early spring or late fall, shallow or deep—the X-Rap can do it all. Once you tie an X-Rap lure on, you won’t take it off for the rest of the season.