Tail Dancer Series

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Tail Dancer Series

The Rapala Tail Dancer lures have a banana-style balsa wood body that creates a deadly "wide-tail" wobble, without sacrificing that classic Rapala action. Features a large lip, tapered tail and an internal rattle mechanism to entice even the pickiest of fish. Originally developed as a walleye bait, the Tail Dancer has proved effective for bass, trout and salmon fisheries as well. The hard working, wide-tail wobble is apparent at slow speeds and equally potent when trolled fast.

The Tail Dancer family of lures allows you to cover the entire water column, from the shallows to the depths. The original Tail Dancer lure is ideal for depths up to 15 feet and features VMC black nickel treble hooks to hold fish and withstand intense battles. For depths up to 30 feet, choose the Deep Tail Dancer. The enlarged, extreme diving lip sinks the lure as deep as 30 feet unassisted, getting this bait down where the big ones lie during the mid-summer and early fall months. Early spring or late fall, shallow or deep running, the Tail Dancer weaves an irresistible dance for all species of fish.