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Ike's Custom Ink Colors

Rapala Pro Mike “Ike” Iaconelli has offered his unique talents to develop custom colors for select Rapala lures that are nothing like anglers—or fish—have ever seen before. Ike’s Custom Ink Lures are masterpieces in their own right, based on his experience with experimenting and “tweaking” his lures.

There are 3 key ingredients that make Ike’s Custom Ink Lures a totally fresh and unique presentation. First is the muted, sun-faded look. Ike used to bake his baits on the dash of his car for months to achieve this coloring, which he says more closely matches reality. Second is the pearl finish, which again, is a better match to most baitfish, particularly shad. Ike used to buy pearlized nail polish from the salon to get this finish on his baits. The final touch is glitter. Ike prefers a super-fine glitter that adds depth and just the right reflective properties to mimic real baitfish. When he was doing this on his own, it required a trip to the hobby store to find the right glitter.

You don’t need to cook your lures, go to the salon or hit up the hobby shop to get these fish magnets. With Ike’s Custom Ink Lures, you get all that knowledge and artistry right-out-of-the-box. Add to that the legendary Rapala swimming action and you can see why this collection is favored by anglers and large fish alike.