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BX Series

The BX series of lures from Rapala combine the lively, responsive action our balsa lures offer, with the option to fish them in the most extreme, rugged conditions. Balsa on the inside, each is encased with a durable copolymer shell for unbeatable toughness. As a bonus, this construction allows for the most incredible, life-like finishes, unlike anything seen before. These lures can stand up to bites all day from large, toothy fish.

Great for casting and trolling, the BX series lures have an irresistible swimming action with a rolling flash that drive fish wild. For cold or dark water or just plain old finicky fish, add a little kick to the “baitfish in distress” action with the BX jointed lures. They’ll tempt even the most uninterested fish into taking a bite. Truly one-of-a-kind pieces, the actions and the durability of the BX series lures are unmatched by any other bait on the market.