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Electric Knives

Rapala manufactures an electric fillet knife for every situation and circumstance, to make fast work of any filleting chore. Each electric fillet knife we make features an advanced air flow design that dampens vibration and helps keeps the motor cool and quiet. If you’ve had a good day on the water and have a haul to prepare, the comfortable, relaxed grip on an electric fillet knife from Rapala will keep hands fatigue-free.

There’s something about eating your catch just minutes after you pulled it out of the water. For quick and easy preparation in the field, or for any time you just don’t want the wires in the way, choose a cordless electric fillet knife. Rapala offers a Deluxe Cordless Fillet Knife Set with 2 different sized reciprocating blades and a Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife, with an impressive 80 minute runtime and no reduction in power or speed even as the battery power wains.

Rapala also offers a variety of electric fillet knives with power cords, including the Deluxe Set with various power adapters and 2 blade sizes, and a Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife with increased speed and power for large fish. Get your catch to the frying pan faster with Rapala’s collection of electric fillet knives.