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Marcum RT-9 GPS-Sonar-UW Camera Touchscreen Tablet (video)

MarCum Technologies®, the long-standing leader in ice fishing electronics, brings GPS to the ice angler in grand fashion with the introduction of the groundbreaking RT-9. The first purpose-built ice electronics to combine sonar, underwater camera viewing capabilities and GPS with ambionics mapping in a nine inch ruggedized touchscreen tablet. With the release of the RT-9 Marcum shakes up the ice fishing landscape by offering anglers Marcum’s legendary sonar performance and GPS in one easy to use package.

The RT-9 display features full 3D navionics mapping capability which provides anglers access to highly-detailed maps that successful anglers rely on to get on the fish, fast. Use the RT-9 intel to put together your gameplan for the day. Then snap it into its cradle, mount it to an ATV or snowmobile and use the GPS capabilities of the RT-9 to help you navigate to your intended destination. No other ice electronics platform on the market offers more features or is more user friendly than the RT-9.

One of the most unique features of the RT-9 is its modular design concept which allows users to build their own system to best suit the way they fish. With three data ports the user can start with Marcum’s ice sonar, then add a camera or sonar modules down the road. Or with multiple sonar modules installed, users can view multiple holes on one display for the ultimate user customization. The ice and open water sonar modules available for the RT-9 deliver the full feature set found in all of Marcum’s legendary digital series systems. Including traditional flasher, vertical or chart modes, Marcum’s patented ten-level interference rejection system and infinitely adjustable zoom. Underwater cameras are an indispensable tool for the ice and open water angler alike. And the RT-9 when equipped with a camera module has the ability to deliver a live glimpse of the world below. The RT-9 camera module offers full on-screen display of temperature, depth, direction and includes a built-in DVR to record your memorable moments. Experience ice electronics the way they were meant to be. Sonar, GPS and underwater camera capabilities on a nine-inch rugged ice tablet. Experience the RT-9 from Marcum Technologies.

MarCum RT-9 GPS-Sonar-UW Camera Touchscreen Tablet