Dipsy Diver® ''O'' Rings


Dipsy Diver® ''O'' Rings
Dipsy Diver® ''O'' Rings


2. Pak

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Dipsy Diver® Rings provide more surface area to standard and magnum sized Dipsies, offering increased dive depth and greater flexibility within the trolling spread. Multiple colors allow for the addition of accents to increase attraction.

  • Allows Dipsy Diver® to dive even deeper
  • 000 fits Diver size 000
  • 001 fits Diver size 001
  • 003 fits Diver size 001 & 003
  • Assorted colors: white, yellow, black and glow
Spec Chart
Size Pak
001 4
003 4
Size 001
Pak 4
Size 003
Pak 4