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HOW2TV: How to tie the Rapala® Loop Knot (video)

Knot Tying with Jacob Wheeler

During times that I’m fishing a bait, especially with top-water, um, that doesn’t have a split-ring on there, like the original floater, ah, the x-pop or the skitter walk, I’m going to tie a Rapala loop knot and this is how it works. First off, the Rapala loop knot, you take your tag end, be sure to give yourself plenty of room, and double it over. Make the conventional loop, just like that. Don’t synch that down cause you’re going to need that later on. Next, take your tag end through your eyelid, I will take them all the way down to the eye of the hook. You take your tag end, wrap it around one, two, three; three times is about right. Now, you have your loop on the bottom and you put that tag end through that loop. While I’m tightening this down you want to make sure everything looks right and there’s no line going to be cutting over itself. Just make sure your loop sets up right. Tighten it down. Now what you got here is a loop knot that’s going to allow your baits to swing free and give your top waters more action.

Rapala Original Floater

Rapala X Rap Pop

Rapala Skitter Walk