Fluorocarbon Lines

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Fluorocarbon Lines

5 Items

Shop Sufix® fluorocarbon lines! Sufix® uses 100% fluorocarbon material to give you a better performing fishing line. Virtually invisible in water, fluoro lines are ideal for making fishing rigs, leaders; or to spool your reel in place of a monofilament or braided line when visibility and sink rate are a priority. Great for freshwater and saltwater fishing, especially around rocks and other abrasive surfaces.

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Sufix fluorocarbon fishing line is super strong and abrasion resistant, with incredible sensitivity. It has a low-stretch index for optimal hook setting power. The precision, stacked winding plus large arbor spool that our exclusive G2 Wining Process employs virtually eliminate line memory. Sufix fluorocarbon offerings include: Castable Invisiline 100% Fluorocarbon, 100% Fluorcarbon Invisiline Leaders, Invisiline Ice Fluorcarbon (water repellant), and Wind-On 100% Fluorocarbon Leader (with braided loop for attaching to main line without knots or swivels).