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The X-Rap® is “all about the action.” It’s the perfect size, shape and 3D illusion of a minnow. Prominent scales and lateral line on the fuselage capture and flash light like a beacon. It can be fished both in an aggressive “Slashbait®” technique or with a classic Rapala wobble. The angler defines the cadence for maximum effectiveness. Small versions of the X-Rap® are ideal for targeting smaller species – or as small, snack-sized offerings for big predators that are finicky and won’t bite bigger lures.

Product Features


  • Slashbait® Action
  • Suspending on Pause
  • Textured Translucent Body
  • Internal Holographic Foil
  • Internal Long-Cast System (XR04 excluded)
  • 3D Holographic Eyes
  • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
  • Flash Feather Teaser Tail

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The Art of Trolling Rapala X-Raps and X-Rap Magnums


Spec Chart
Model Running Depth Body Length Weight Treble Hooks
XR04 0.6-0.9 m 4 cm 2 g Two No. 12
XR06 0.9-1.5 m 6 cm 4 g Two No. 10
XR08 0.9-1.5 m 8 cm 7 g No. 6 & 7
XR10 1.2-1.8 m 10 cm 13 g No. 4 & 5
XR12 1.2-2.4 m 12 cm 22 g Two No. 2
Model XR04
Running Depth 0.6-0.9 m
Body Length 4 cm
Weight 2 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 12
Model XR06
Running Depth 0.9-1.5 m
Body Length 6 cm
Weight 4 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 10
Model XR08
Running Depth 0.9-1.5 m
Body Length 8 cm
Weight 7 g
Treble Hooks No. 6 & 7
Model XR10
Running Depth 1.2-1.8 m
Body Length 10 cm
Weight 13 g
Treble Hooks No. 4 & 5
Model XR12
Running Depth 1.2-2.4 m
Body Length 12 cm
Weight 22 g
Treble Hooks Two No. 2