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With a Finnish tradition that parallels the Rapala story, anglers the world over have grown to trust the Rapala knives. The comprehensive collection of knives offers anglers and outdoorsmen just the right tool to match the job, big or small.

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And if, like many anglers, you enjoy cooking your fish almost as much as you enjoyed catching it, Rapala’s kitchen knife collection has all the tools for the job. Having a variety of knives in the kitchen is as important as having a variety of lures in your tacklebox. This high quality collection from Marttiini includes everything from a classic cook’s knife to a bread knife, vegetable knife and carving knife.

For those who enjoy hunting when they’re not fishing or have friends or family that love to hunt, Marttiini Collector’s Hunting Knives are a beautiful addition to anyone’s knife collection. Equal parts function and art, each knife features a razor sharp blade, a curly birch handle and beautiful design. Each has its own special details like an engraved blade, detailed leather sheath or a sculpture adorning the end of the handle and comes in a wooden, heirloom gift box.