6 Essential Lures for Zander

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Trolling for zander is an effective fishing method and has been a classic way of targeting these aggressive, hard-striking fish for decades. Following is a list of six of our most popular, zander-catching trolling lures that can be found in the tackle trays of seasoned fishermen across the globe. If you make it to the end of the article and realize that none of these are in your collection, maybe it’s time to pick your favorite and take it for a swim in your favorite lake this summer!

Classic Wounded Minnow Swimming Action

Rapala's delicately swimming classic lures are popular year after year because they catch a lot of fish! The secret of these lures is the movement that resembles a wounded minnow. For years, anglers have understood that big predators always take the easiest meal, and a weak-looking baitfish is simply irresistible!


Original Floater

Original Floater® has been luring fish since 1936. Its minnow-shaped balsa body and simple, ingenious design ensure success. Still today, it is the best-selling lure in the world!


Shad Rap

Shad Rap® is a roach-shaped, high-sided, seductively swimming lure with a balsa wood body. Both Vendace and Roach are on the menu of almost every predator in Finnish waters.

Deep Tail Dancer

The Deep Tail Dancer® has claimed its place as the go-to-lure for fishermen trolling for zander. The curved balsa wood body has a strong kick to it. Depending on the size of the lure, the swimming depth of the Deep Tail Dancer is from 4,5 meters down to 9 meters.

The Evasive Minnow Swimming Action

The Scatter Rap lures have retained the swim movement of the original Classic lure, i.e. the roll of the body and kicking tail action. This regular body swimming movement is accompanied by an irregular swimming from side-to-side that resembles the behavior of a prey in a panic. This erratic action is achieved through the unusually shaped swimming lip.

The Scatter Rap® Minnow 11 swimming action consists of the world's most trusted lure’s body (Original Minnow) and swimming action along with occasional erratic movements from side to side. This combination is very effective and an absolute choice for fishing from a rowing boat.

Scatter Rap Husky

The request for Rapala Scatter Rap® Husky 13 came from Finnish trolling anglers, and their expertise has been actively called on throughout the product development process. Competitive trollers’ know-how is reflected in the versatile 'all-inclusive' color chart of the Rapala Scatter Rap Husky.

Scatter Rap Tail Dancer

Scatter Rap® Tail Dancer is a lure that swims deep and from side to side. This is a valuable addition to the lure range when the depth of fish varies throughout the day. Maximum swimming depth of 3.3 meters and 5.7 m when trolling.

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