The Big 6 for Zander Trolling

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Trolling for zander is a classic: it’s a straightforward and effective method of targeting these aggressive, hard-striking fish. We’ve put together a list of our six most popular lures for zander trolling. These tried and tested lures have more than earned their place in the tackle trays of seasoned anglers around the globe. Check out the list and make sure your tackle box is zander-proofed for the summer!

Classic Wounded Minnow Swimming Action

Year after year, Rapala's delicately swimming classic lures keep being popular. Why? Because they catch a lot of fish! The secret of these lures is the movement that resembles a wounded minnow. For ages, anglers have understood that big predators always go for the easiest meal – making a weak-looking baitfish simply irresistible.


Original Floater

Original Floater® is the absolute OG. Fooling fish since 1936, this is a lure that just keeps on giving. The minnow-shaped balsa body and the simple, yet inspired design allow for various presentations. No wonder it’s still one of the best-selling lures in the world.

Shad Rap

Another superstar, the Shad Rap® is a roach-shaped, high-sided, seductively swimming lure with a balsa wood body. Designed for versatility, this casting and trolling lure delivers results with both fast and slow speeds.

Deep Tail Dancer

The Deep Tail Dancer® has claimed its place as the rattling go-to-lure for fishermen trolling for zander. The extreme diving lip makes the lure plunge deep, and the curved balsa wood body has a strong kick to it. Depending on the size of the lure, the swimming depth of the Deep Tail Dancer ranges from 4,5 meters down to 9 meters.

The Evasive Minnow Swimming Action

The Scatter Rap® Minnow’s swimming action carries the torch lit by the Original Floater while adding occasional, erratic side-to-side movements to the mix. This makes the Scatter Rap Minnow an impressive candidate for trolling and an absolute killer when fished from a rowing boat.  


Scatter Rap Husky

A modern version of the beloved Rapala Husky, the Scatter Rap® Husky darts from left-to-right like a panic-stricken fish, making it an ideal target for hungry predators. While creating the lure, the designers tapped into the expertise of the Finnish trolling anglers – soon, the optimal lure for trolling zander was born.

Scatter Rap Tail Dancer

A zander-catching chimera, the Scatter Rap® Tail Dancer combines the wide, tail-kicking action of the Tail Dancer and the escaping minnow action provided by the Scatter Lip. This lure swims deep and flays from side to side, making it a valuable addition to your tackle box when fishing in various depths.