Trophy trout on the new CountDown Elite

Last winter I received the first samples of the year’s hottest new lure, the Rapala CountDown® Elite. After seeing pictures of it, I was very excited to finally try it in action. Its size, shape, and colors were exactly what I look for in a wobbler, especially when fishing in rivers for big trophy trout. 


Referred as the “legend 2.0”, the new CountDown® Elite harnesses over 80 years of lure making craftsmanship into a premium balsa lure. It features the same iconic controlled slow-sinking method that’s in the original CountDown®. But built with a modern construction to maximize the casting distance and accuracy. The 75 version is 75 mm long, weighs 10 grams and runs at 1,2 meters.


I got the first opportunity to fish the CountDown Elite in Storsjøen in Rendalen, at the beginning of March. I loved its lifelike swimming action on a steady retrieve. It was also very easy to twitch it side to side. 

At the same time, the CountDown Elite can withstand high speeds, which is very important when fishing in hard-flowing rivers. But what perhaps surprised me the most at first, was the casting properties of this lure. It is incredibly well balanced and goes like an arrow; straight through the air. It casts precisely and accurately.
The first test trip to Storsjøen was a success; we landed a nice trout well over a kilo. I knew immediately that this was going to be one of many. 


Then came May 1st and finally the start of the river season 2020! Renaelva was up next, and it was now that Rapala CountDown Elite would really have to show off its features. We fished for two long days, and the new lure delivered above all expectations! 

Many beautiful trout were caught around one kilo and up to two kilos. Several of the colors got tested, and we quickly found our favorites for the daytime fishing and for the nights on the waters. Since the wide color chart consists of various patterns, we were able to find a perfect color for all fishing situations.


Our third test location was the River Mistra. Mistra is a very steep and fast flowing river, so it was really exciting to fish the CountDown Elite there. We landed fish after fish, all of very decent size. Many were easily over two kilos, some over three kilos!

Rapala CountDown Elite is now my new favorite lure for river fishing, when searching for the brown gold. It is a very versatile lure and performs just as well upstream as downstream. 


At the end of the season, I received the first samples of the new CountDown Elite 55. It’s a smaller version (55 mm) of the fish-catching lure I had successfully fished with before.

At first, this downsized lure felt a bit tiny for my fishing. But as the water levels dropped, I had faith. Just like I thought, it performed very well in smaller water flows. Where the larger version (75 mm) dived straight to the bottom, the little brother CountDown Elite 55 still fished very well.

And soon I landed fish on it, a nice-sized trout. Plenty of fish over one kilo were caught, the biggest of the trip being two kilos. In a nutshell, I don’t think you should be fooled by the compact size of the CountDown Elite 55. Big fish eat small fish! 

With both Countdown Elite 75 and 55 in your box, you have lures that cover most rivers and fishing situations. Elite is an all-round wobbler that has given me an incredible number of nice trout throughout the season. Also, in many very demanding spots, in which I have previously felt like I was missing something.

The CountDown Elite is a tool that I know will trick those beautiful trout! See it yourself and give the new CountDown Elite a try!