Breaking records with the Shadow Rap® Solid Shad

This story takes place in River Mistra: a famous big trout river in Norway. It’s late August and the last week of trout fishing before the river closes for the season. The final samples of the new Shadow Rap® Solid Shad have just arrived and it’s time to do what we like the most – try out new stuff.

We gathered some of our dedicated trout fishing pro-staffers – Inge Rønning, Anders Svalstad and Rolf Magnus Grenberg and set course for the River Mistra. Mistra is widely known for its good fishing for large trout. The largest documented catch in Mistra is a trout of 9.8 kg that was caught in 1935. Many large fish are caught annually. Mistra is also known for being the favorite river of the famous Norwegian polar explorer Fritjof Nansen, and he often referred to it as “the world’s best trout river”. So Mistra is the perfect spot to try out the new awesome-looking Shadow Rap Solid Shad. 

Rock-solid performance

Before hitting the water, we took a good look at the new lure. Solid Shad has an aerodynamic design and it’s balanced for long and accurate casts even in the most demanding conditions. Built heavy to sink fast, the Shadow Rap Solid Shad reaches the targeted depth quickly and stays in the strike zone on the retrieve. Hard-kicking swimming action gives a lot of side flash and tracks true even in heavy current and on fast retrieves. The color chart consists of natural and attractor pattern Shadow Rap finishes with internal flash foils. The Solids Shad is 5 cm long and weighs 5.5 g – perfect for small to medium rivers with fast moving water and a lot of rocks. Just like River Mistra.

First cast, new personal best!

We had just arrived after descending the steep valley to the river. Rolf Magnus was eager to get started. While the rest of us were rigging our rods, Rolf had sneaked downstream like a cat and was leaning against a large rock in the middle of the river.  First cast ever with the new Solid Shad, perfectly just behind a big rock. BOOM! Rolf was screaming: “FISH ON!”

We ran towards him and found a screaming man with his brand new 13 Fishing V3 rod bent to the handle. “It’s big, IT’S BIG!!” screams Rolf as he fights a big strong river trout. After a while, the fish was finally in the net. Rolf had landed his personal best: a beautiful trout of 3250 g on the first cast ever with new Shadow Rap Solid Shad. That is just legendary! 


After a couple of days fishing and catching trout with Shadow Rap Solid Shad, there is no doubt anymore – we have found a new trout fishing favorite. The Solid Shad is the perfect choice for fishing small to medium rivers with big rocks and both shallow and deeper sections. 
The solid construction and choice of materials makes it rock-solid against big rocks, stones, and hard bottoms. 

The high sinking speed and precision you get in the cast allows you spot-fish it accurately behind big rocks or vegetation where the big predators often hide. It works well in the fast-running water or with fast retrieve. In parts with slower running water or in lakes you can easily adjust the action of the lure from normal swimming action with steady retrieve by twitching it side to side. Best of all – it cast like a bullet and you will have no problem casting it with powerful rod and reel dimensioned for fighting big fish. 

The finish is like the rest of the Shadow Rap® family, just beautiful and extremely fish-catching! The wide range of colors makes sure you will always find the right color for the day whether it’s natural live color or a an attractor color. 

Pro tip! 

Make sure to have some bright live colors for the sunny days and clear waters, darker colors for evenings/nights and some colorful attractor colors for muddy water with low visibility. 

Good luck and all the best wishes from Norway!