My Top 5 Lures for River Trout

When summer finally finds its way to Norway, all the local river anglers get that strange look in their eyes. Their gaze starts scanning the streams. Because they know there’s gold in those rivers – brown gold. I’m talking about trout. Summer is the high season for trout fishing in Norway, and I’m here to share the lures that’ll have you joining the gold rush in no time.

CountDown Elite

The CountDown® Elite, the slow sinking heir to the classic CountDown® heritage. If you ask me, the hottest thing that has happened to the trout fishing scene the whole year is this little guy. The CountDown Elite’s an aerodynamically balanced lure that casts with impressive power and precision – while weighing only 10 grams! Underneath the beautiful, life-like finish is a heart of balsa and a wire-through construction, providing this lure the grace and the muscle of an Olympic swimmer. The CountDown Elite’s high profile and beautiful swimming action have helped me catch a great many trouts, with the top catch weighing 2.1 kilograms! In my trout fishing, I use the 7.5 size.

Two fine trouts caught with a CountDown Elite.

BX Minnow

The lure that never fails. The BX® Minnow is a floating and long-casting lure with an action that’s part wobbling, and part rolling (with a ratio of 60-40). And you don’t need much speed to get that delicious action out of this lure – the BX Minnow starts its elegant dance even at slow speeds, making it a great choice for cold and slow rivers. I’ve got a lot of love for this one because it’s the lure behind countless of thrilling catches. The BX Minnow comes in sizes 7 and 10. I usually make my choice depending on the size of the river – big rivers need bigger lures!

The most beautiful trout of last year, caught with the BX Minnow.


Remember the CountDown® Elite? Well, here’s the OG. The CountDown® has a reputation as a mean trout catcher – and it has the trophies to prove that. This contest-winning lure is a great way to scan the depths of the rivers. It’s a slow sinking lure with a lot of options for size and color. I often use this baddie for the rougher parts of the river, the spots where you need a little weight to get where the fish are. Sizes 7 and 9 have yielded great results!

A trout from the river Mistra, caught with the CountDown (color TR).

Team Esko

Team Esko® for the win! This lure is designed to be fished in fast-flowing rivers – and it has the diving lip for the job. Like the similarly shaped CountDown, Team Esko flies far and precisely. And no matter how fast the current is, this lure stays right where it’s needed.

Shadow Rap

The Little Joker! The smaller size 7 of the Shadow Rap® came out recently and made a – quite literal – splash in my river trout fishing. This light and floating jerkbait kicks almost 180 degrees when jerked, making it a marvelous choice for fishing in close quarters. And, of course, it works its wonders also in steady retrieves. The Shadow Rap comes in many exciting colors that suit brilliantly both day and night fishing.

Now that you have all the know-how you need when it comes to lures, there’s only one thing left – get out there and see if you can strike gold!