6 reasons to add Rapala’s Weedless Minnow Spoon to your tackle box

For years, the Nordics have had a secret weapon for freshwater pike fishing – the Weedless Minnow Spoon. We’ve listed six good reasons to add this versatile lure to your tackle box to supercharge your pike season.

1. It goes where others wouldn’t dare.

When we say “weedless”, we really mean it. The Weedless Minnow Spoon is fitted with a weed guard that’s unphased even by the thickest of vegetation. This allows for casting right in the middle of pikes’ favorite hiding spots. 

2. The action of a spoon and a crankbait in one shiny package.

Flashy zig-zagging and side-to-side wobbling – the Weedless Minnow Spoon packs the best of both worlds. For the most effective presentation, include brief pauses to your retrieve and allow the spoon to sink for a while, especially when retrieving over an open patch in the vegetation. That’s where the big ones are likely to lurk.

3. Believe the fans. 

Sometimes, the hype is real. The award-winning Weedless Minnow Spoon has garnered a cult-like following among switched-on pike anglers across Europe, backed up by its incredible sales numbers. 

4. Both pros and beginners can get a kick out of it.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner, the Weedless Minnow Spoon is a solid choice. Its snag-free design helps to avoid hang-ups, while its unparalleled pike-catching abilities are more than enough to give the pros their money’s worth.

5. It’s not only for pike fishing.

While being a standard for pike fishing, the Weedless Minnow Spoon is by no means a one-trick pony. Try out the smaller sizes – they have gained a reputation for being excellent choices for catching perch, zander and almost anything else that swims.

6. You won’t get better value for money.

The price tag for this beast of a spoon? Very modest. With the price ranging from 6,95 € to 8,95 €, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck when going with Weedless Minnow Spoon.