The Victorious Beast (X-Rap Peto)

In 2018 we competed for the first time as Team Rapala in the very popular YouTube reality fishing competition Pike Fight. The series has grown greatly with a lot of prestige among the competing teams and episodes exceeding well over 100 000 views.

Rapala made a big push earlier that year on the pike market with new modern big lures just with the right uumpf and of course we immediately started planning our tournament and how we could maximize our chances with the new weapons.

The Finnish Beast

The arena for the tournament’s last day was Lake Vänern. It’s the largest body of water in Sweden with 5650km2. It has clear water, maximum depth over 100m and a big archipelago, tons of bays and incredible 22 000 islands. So, our task was not an easy one! Although the lake does contain a lot of big pike, it might not be easy to find them due to the great size of the lake. The day of competition was late spring/early summer just when the pike spawning period had come to an end, so we built our game plan to target spawning areas close to the big deep lake where it also was reefs just outside the shallow bays. After spawning, most of the pike tend to scatter out on the big lake over the summer but they can make a last stop on those last outpost reefs where they can ambush roach and bream that also are spawning at the same time or shortly after. With such a big lake the bays and reefs are also big and numerous, so we needed to find the right spots. Our plan was to fish fast and hit as many potential locations as possible with big lures since the post spawn pike are very hungry and in need of lots of energy.

The lure we decided to put our trust in was the Rapala X-Rap® Peto, also known as the Finnish Beast. It’s big, has the right roll to it attracting big fish and it’s very versatile for the style of fishing we were about to do, which was to fish the lure fast, cover lots of water and be able to slow down the tempo when finding interesting spots. We mostly fished it with steady retrieve among the big rocks with some occasional pauses. High speed for reaction bites since the big silhouette is highly visible in the clear water; and on shy fish, we slowed down in an attempt to make them not be able to resist the easy meal. And my god did our tactics and choice of lure work out! We ended up crushing the competition on the last day with a whopping 532cm total length on five longest pike. With four fish over one meter with top fish of 118cm and 114cm we ended up as overall winner of the tournament and winner of Big Five. All those key fish during the last day were caught on the X-Rap® Peto. Maybe it’s time to rename the Finnish Beast to the Victorious Beast?

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