The spring is finally here – and you know what that means. It’s time to pick up your most trustworthy lures and fire up the pike season. To kick-start your spring fishing, we have gathered the best pike-catching tips from three of our Pro Staffers.

Jonatan Nellfors: 

As soon as the spring arrives and the pike season starts, I hit the waters. Usually, I love to present the bigger and slower lures. For instance, the broad-tailed X-Rap® Otus or the rolling 23-centimeter T-Bone from Storm are powerful weapons to have in your spring fishing arsenal.

However, sometimes it pays to think outside the box. One of the lures that can turn a slow spring day around is the 14-centimeter X-Rap® Peto Jr. When bigger baits won’t do the trick, the smaller hybrid X-Rap Peto Jr – with its PVC body and rubber paddle tail – will let all the tired and slower predators know it’s dinner time. The fast and irrational swimming action has turned out to be a gamechanger when it comes to spring fishing. It’s a new classic that you can’t afford to leave at home. Rapala’s selection features 20 amazing colors for the lure, some of my favorites being the UV5 and Smelt On The Beach (SMB). The natural looks capture the prey fish appearance brilliantly.

When using X-Rap Peto Jr, a great approach is to hit the shallow areas outside spawning bays. Present the lure over some vegetation and just beneath the surface, and you’ll get the action you’re looking for. The predators can be on the look for a nice meal either before or after spawning – and X-Rap Peto Jr might prove to be just the snack they are looking for.

I often use X-Rap Peto Jr together with a casting combo from 13 Fishing. When used with a size 4000 spinning reel and a rod either from the Fate Black series or the Muse series, you can easily cover a lot of water with the feisty little bait. It’s definitely worth trying – you’ll be amazed by how the big predators are often drawn to the smaller lures.

Mogge Lewin:

Early spring fishing for pike often means that the water’s temperature is no more than a few degrees. That calls for a slow and attractive presentation. When it comes to cold water fishing, my weapon of choice is X-Rap® Otus. The great thing with X-Rap Otus is that it can be fished incredibly slowly without losing any of the action – whether you’re reeling or trolling it. The calm, rocking movement, combined with the wide profile, makes the bait visible from a great distance. I often retrieve X-Rap Otus very slowly and monotonously, preferably with a low-gear reel, adding short spin stops every once in a while.

The construction of the lure, the hard body and the soft tail, brings out the best of both worlds. The hard body helps to set the hooks effectively, and the soft tail waggles tantalizingly, triggering strikes from those big and vary pikes. 

I often use natural colors such as Live Roach (ROL) and Live Perch (PEL) when fishing for pike. But when the water is near freezing, patterns like Live Rainbow Trout (RTL) and Twilight Zone (TWZ) can be incredibly effective. As the water gets warmer and the pike more active, try fishing X-Rap Otus with fast speeds and just above the weed line. Before you know it, you’ll get bites you won’t forget!

Victor Söderberg:

For the longest time, I was missing a side-by-side jerkbait from Rapala – so you can only imagine how happy I was when X-Rap® Haku was launched. The fact that it also comes with the hook-protecting Release Rig system makes it even better. The Release Rig makes it possible to use barbless hooks in a completely different way when compared to regular jerkbaits.

What I like about X-Rap Haku is how effortless it is – it works fantastically whether you’re fishing it slow or fast. You can use it when the water’s cold, and also when it warms up. I prefer to fish it with slow and gentle movements: often the slower presentations help trigger strikes from bigger fish.

Haku’s color selection also covers all my needs. I’ve caught hundreds of pikes on a Haku Smelt On The Beach, making it and the Hot Pike (HTPK) my favorite colors.