Pike Fishing with New Storm V-Slab

Watch Rapala® Pro Staff angler Jonatan Nellfors chase the angriest fish of Swedish Lapland… Pike! What’s in his lure box this time?

Some trustworthy Rapalas, of course: X-Rap® Otus in pike-mimicking colors, X-Rap® Haku in ROL (Live Roach) and X-Rap® Peto in SMB (Smelt on the Beach). He also reveals a new weapon for big pike from our buddies at Storm Fishing: The Storm V-Slab.

Storm V-Slab For Large Predators

Storm V-Slab is inspired by the Storm R.I.P. T-Bone. As seen on the video, it can be rigged in several ways: 
1)    Traditional rigging: a two treble hook rig with pins attached to reinforced rigging spots in the belly of the bait.
2)    Weedless with and off-set single hook.

Off-set rigged Storm V-Slab is great in weed-covered areas. By adding weights from the R.I.P. system the swimming depth can be adjusted.

V-Slab’s hollow-back design allows for a considerable lighter body. The construction with thin side panels undulates on the retrieve and collapses on hook-set, which improves the hook-up rate. 

What will Jonatan and his friend Andreas land with the V-Slab? Watch the video to find out!

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