Big Pike with Super Shad Rap!

Last weekend Andreas Jakobsson and I were trolling on one of the lakes nearby. We began the fishing in a place where we have usually gotten amazing catches: rocky bottom with nice holes in between the rocks – just the kind of place where pike love to hide. We used the Rapala Super Shad Rap®s in different colors and when I started to zigzag with the boat, it didn’t take long before we got a hit – a big and strong pike was at the other end of the rod. The tiring of the pike went great, and the fish was soon captured in our net.

We decided to fish in a bay for a while, getting few smaller fish, before steering the boat out to the open waters, increasing the speed to around three knots. Our goal was set to salmon or trout, but the wind-still and clear weather made the fishing very slow. Just as we were getting ready to leave for the day, our rod began to creak ominously, and Andreas teased a trout into our boat. We didn’t have many hits that day, but with a few great catches, I consider it a successful day!


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